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Latest Issue: #6

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Filter Mini U.K.
Issue #6

The Roots' Rap Reckoning

Welcome to the online home of Filter Mini UK.

In a world of startling real-life complexities and mind-boggling media muck, we the fine folks at Filter Magazine (the United States' premier independent music publication) have boiled our brainstorms down into a singular, concentrated and simple export: Filter Mini UK. Our overseas miniature edition sheds light on the latest greatest from our side of the pond, and here in Cyberspace you can download each issue without any pesky conversions—it's free! Of course, it's also free in physical form (see locations below).

Further online advantages: click on anyone you read about here to visit the artist's home on the Web! Share with your friends without worrying about your copy getting nabbed! Save trees! Hide the evidence from Mum! Don't just look at it, save it forever! Out here on the Information Superhighway, the options are limitless; the Atlantic Ocean might as well be the English Channel. (And thanks to the Net, we now know that they're not!) Right-click on the button below and select "Save Target As..." to get your very own Mini today. Please be sure to have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Read on, dear reader. Read on.

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Here are a few of the stores where you can find the print edition of Filter Mini U.K.:

LONDON: 12 Bar Club, Beyond Retro, Cargo, Electric Lighting Station, Essential Music, Fopp, Marquee, Metro Club, Morph Records, Pleasure Unit Records, Puregroove, Rough Trade, Sister Ray, The Elbow Room , Vibe Bar, Vital, Disque, Rhythm Factory

ELSEWHERE: Action Records (Preston), Avalanche (Edinburgh), Avalanche (Glasgow), Back Beat Music Exchange (Belfast), Badlands (Cheltenham), Cob Records (Bangor), Concepts (Durham), Cool Discs (Derry), Counter Culture (Buckinghamshire), Crash (Leeds), Crush Music (Birmingham), David's Music (Letchworth), Disc-N-Tape (Bristol), Diverse Music (Newport), Jumbo (Leeds), Krazyhouse & Fudge (Liverpool), Left Legged Pineapple (Loughborough), Longplayer (Kent), Mix Music (Harrogate), One Up (Aberdeen), Out Of Step (Leeds), Pendulum (Melton Mowbray), Pendulum (Retford), Piccadilly Records (Manchester), Polar Bear (Birmingham), Powerplay (Eastbourne), Powerplay (Hertfordshire), Rapture (Witney), Replay Music (Bath), Replay Music (Bristol), Resident (Brighton), Reveal (Derby), Rhythm & Rhyme Records (Cornwall), Rock Box (Camberley), Rounder (Brighton), RPM (Newcastle Upon Tyne), Selectadisc (Nottingham), Solo Music (Exeter), Solo Music (Truro), Sound House (Deal), Spillers (Cardiff), Spinadisc (Rugby), Square Records (Wimbourne), Tempest (Birmingham), The Boardwalk Live (Sheffield), The Rock Box (Surrey), Track (Chesham), Track (Doncaster), Track (York), Vibes (Bury), X-Records (Bolton)


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