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Filter Good Music Guide
Issue #14

The Mars Volta: Punks at the Altar

With so much good music in the world today, one magazine just isn't enough to keep up. And with even more bad music out there, we decided it was time to expand our arsenal. Here you have our most sleekly designed handheld yet. If Filter Biggie (as we in the Good Music Guide department like to call it) is your mag of choice for the War Against Tastelessness (and it damn well should be), then this shiny little devil is for the streets—just call it your back-pocket indie argument ender.

Here you'll find our added two-fold online bonus: not only can you download your own copy for free, you can click on every artist we write about and be instantly transported to their home on the web. So if your interests are peaked (and they damn well should be), put that itchy trigger finger to use and click away. Without further ado, we present to you the greatest quarter-sized music mag out there: Filter Good Music Guide.

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